Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family Cruise to the Bahamas!

All us girls at formal night on the cruise
The kids found these funny hats in Key West

Jared & I dresed up for our formal night

This October the whole family went on a vacation to Florida! It was the first vacation that we had the whole family, we had a blast! We went on a four day cruise to the Bahamas, we stopped in Naussau, Cococay and Key west. Key west was pretty but soo hot! Then we went back to florida and drove 3 hours up to Orlando and went to Disneyworld. Jared was so excited to be back in Orlando, were he served his mission. He was sad he was'nt able to go see any of the people he taught! But with 15 people it was'nt easy to do what everyone wanted to do!We went to The Magic Kingdom, The Wild Animal Kingdom and Epcot, it was so much fun! It actually got really cold when we were in Disneyland which was wierd for Florida! We had so much fun, I wish that we could do a family vacation like this every year!

Happy Halloween!!! Last night the whole family came over and we carved pumpkins, I carved tinkerbell and Micheal Jackson and Jared carved chewbaka. Today all of us girls made cookies and painted pumpkins!Tonight is chili and doughnuts and time for trick or treating with the little ones! Everyone's pumpkins turned out so awesome, we had some pretty crazy ones it was way fun!!