Friday, July 5, 2013

Brooke's Pictures

My Beautiful girl at her 2 1/2 year pictures!! She is so pretty!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Big news!! We are going to have a little man join the family this December!! We are so excited, we tried for a long time with this one. So we are beyond thrilled!! Brooke is so excited she thought it was a girl, but is so excited to get a brother! It is really wierd I didn't picture myself having a boy! It will be different buying boy toys!! I am so used to Princesses and sparkles! We are so excited!!

His cute little face!!

He was very proud of being a BOY!!
She was excited to tell everyone!

Our little Brooke is not so little anymore. She is almost 3! And acts like she is 5, lots of attitude and personality. She knows what she wants. She is talking so much now, full sentences and says things that are so big!! She started dance in January and has loved it, it ended a few weeks ago. At her recital she did some of the dance and then did her own thing, she was in her element!! She loved it and was so good at it! She was a dragon ( a very cute dragon) she was so proud of herself after it was so cute! Most of my family came to watch her, I love having such a supportive family!!

After her dance she got flowers from Mommy and Mimi and a toy, she felt so special!

Me and my Beautiful Brookey

We just got home from Lake Powell it was so much fun, Brooke loved it she is a mermaid she loves the   water! She learned to swim on her own and she was so proud of herself everytime it was fun to watch her be so brave!! It was so hot, 109, so we spent a lot of time in the water which is my favortie part of Lake Powell. Brooke surfed for the first time with Cappy, and rode in a tube all by herself. She is one brave girl!! It was fun Ty, Sar and Drake were able to come with the fam it was so much fun to have them around but hard to leave them!!

Surfing with Cappy 

Her and Tripp on the boat in Lake Powell

 We love summer Brooke and I go swimming a few times a week, this week we went to the Herriman lake with Whit and her boys! But Cowabunga is our favorite we get a pass there and go as much as we can! She loves it, she loves the water!!

At the pool, she is a mermaid!