Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pistachios and Halloween

So me and Brookey decided to tag along with my parents to Ca lifornia a couple weeks ago! It was so much fun the weather was great, we went to Catalina Island, Disneyland, the Aquarium. We had lots of fun! The first day started out great Mom, Brookeand I went grocery shopping the we got pedicures so fun!! We got back to the boat and were watching a movie and eating pistachios, and Brooke wanted some so we crumbled up two and gave them to her, well within 5 minutes she started to act funny her face was kinda swelling and she sounded like she was having trouble breathing. So I really started to panic and so we raced to the ER and luckily my mom found some benadryl in the car, by the time we got to the hospital she was barely breathing and had welts on her face and her face was really swollen. We found out that she is allergic to Pistachios, we were at the hospital for a while and then we got to leave she did great!! It was one ofthe scariest moments of my life not being able to help her, I am just so grateful we were 2 minutes from the hospital and that it is only pistachios if it was peanuts that would be so hard and scary I am so glad that I wasn't alone dealing with this. It is crazy how fast she reacted to the nuts, so now I am little paranoid cause they told us the next time she has them everything will happen faster! It was very scary, but so good to know! I love that little girl more than anything and in that moment of not knowing what to do or if she will be ok, it kinda changes you, you love her even more ( if that is possible ha ha) and you have more patience!! I feel so blessed that she is ok!! It was so cute Garrett was so worried about her at the hospital he just kept crying, that just about broke my heart he is the sweetest kid around! I love that boy he just makes everything so fun, he can always put a smile on face no matter what is going on. He is so funny he made up a song about pistachios and how we love them cause they are so good but now we hate them ha ha he is a riot! So the rest of the trip was really, really fun we went to Disneyland, my favorite place on Earth and it was so much fun! We had a blast!! I love my parents so much they are the best people!! We got home the friday before Halloween that was a little hectic to get everything ready for Halloween. It was kinda sad to be gone I felt like I missed some of Halloween but Halloween day was great we had so much fun us girls and my mom went to Gardener Village for pictures and then went home and cooked the took the kids out Trick or Treating it was so much funand such a warm night!! I loved it!! Well that is all from me today!!