Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My latest craft!

This is my new craft I just finished. On saturday all of my sisters, mom and me decided to do crafts. We all did something different which doesn't usually happen, we usually all do the same thing just differently. So this time I was a little nervous because I had no one to kinda copy ha ha. But it turned out cute and so bright I love it!! I don't want to put it on my door yet because of this terrible weather so it's in my kitchen! It looks so cute, thanks to help from my mom!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Here I am at 17 weeks

I can't believe that I am already 22 weeks along it is so crazy and it's just flying by. She is kicking me like crazy and I love it, I love to feel her move around it is the best feeling every time she moves I can't stop smiling! I just love it! I am finally looking prego which is fun I love it, my old clothes are sure tight which is slightly depressing but I am fine with it cause I am enjoying being pregnant! This has been such a fun experience for Jared and I, he is so sweet to me and sooo happy about our little girl! He takes me shopping for her and he loves it, it's so fun to see him so excited for her I know that he is going to be such an amazing Dad! He has been so sweet to me, even though he already was but he rubs me and gets me anything I need or want, he is the best Hubby I am so blessed to have him! This month we are going to start on her room yay!! I am getting so excited but also so nervous to have her, I just hope that I know what I am doing, I do know that I will love her like crazy! I just can't wait to be a mom! It has been so fun to see Whitney with little Tripp, she is such a good mom I hope I am as calm and put together as she is! And being around her baby just gets me even more excited to have my own!!

Here I am at 22 weeks, finally looking prego!!