Sunday, November 28, 2010

The past few months!

Wow it has been way to long since I have updated this! So much has happened Brooke is almost 4 months. When she was only 3 three weeks old she went and met Grandma W. and I am so glad that we went over there cause she recently passed away. So I am glad I got pictures of her with Grandma!In September we went up and visited my Grandma Ray in Washington. All three babies it was an adventure but so much fun. Getting on the airplane was pretty funny everyone staring and hoping we weren't on their flight. It was so fun to see Grandma, she just loved those babies. On 24th we blessed her, she looked beautiful, in her cute white dress that Danette bought her and the shoes and bow from my mom. And so many of our family and friends came and supported us, which meant so much to all of us! On Halloween she was a lady bug, my mom made the costume for her she was the cutest bug, it was so fun we went to Gardener Village with Tripp and Cal and took pictures in there costumes. In November we went on a family vacation, Jared,Brooke and I drove to California with my mom, dad a
nd gar, she did so good in the car ride both ways, we were so impressed. We had a blast!! We took her to Disneyland, it was more for me than her but it was so much fun! She had on her Minnie Mouse shirt and hat, she looked so cute! Then we went to the Aquarium in Long Beach she loved looking at the fish. The trip was so much fun she loved being with my parents and Garrett. She just loves Gar, it is the cutest thing! He is so sweet we went to the Disney store and with his own money he bought her a stuffed animal! I know I am talking about so many events but I need to fill everyone in on everything. These past few months have been so wonderful I just love having my little girl, she makes everyday happy for all of us! She is so big now almost 4 months and she is so long, she is growing so fast I can't believe how fast it has all gone. Life goes by pretty darn fast, I realize that more now that I have a baby. Here are some pictures of the last few months!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brooklyn's Room

Her room was so much fun to decorate, we love how it all turned out! It is so happy and relaxing! My mom bought the bedding for her and Jared's mom bought the crib for us. I made a couple ot her wall decorations, which was so fun to do, and my mom made the Brooklyn sign above her crib!! I love it!So without their help it wouldn't be as cute!We love it in here and hope that you will think it's as cute as we do!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Introducing Brooklyn Sue Day

Brooklyn Sue Day

This was the best day ever, it was so amazing I was so scared of labor it really terrified me but then it all happened and it wasn't so bad. And the end result was worth every minute! When they put her on my chest I lost it, I was crying like a baby I was so happy and so at peace knowing she was perfect!! YAY!! Brooklyn Sue Day was born August 2, 2010 at 4:41 p.m. she weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. I was induced that morning, labor was only 8 hours, that was very happy! It was the most amazing experience of my life! I was so glad I was able to share it with all of my family. Right after she was born I held her for a minute it was so amazing seeing this beautiful, perfect baby , then Jared held her, it was so fun to finally see Jared hold her and then we held true to our promise and let Garrett be the third one to hold her. He felt so special! She is the sweetest baby, she has the cutest cry ever, she bunches her whole face up when she cries it is very dramatic I love it! She has my feet poor girl, long and skinny she has the longest feet I have ever seen on a baby, they are so cute though! I feel so blessed to have her in my life! Motherhood has been an adjustment for me I am not used to no sleep, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! I love Brooklyn more than anything!! This little girl is my everything now, I would do anything for her. She has changed my life, I am so grateful she made it here safely!! Brooklyn we love you! Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Lately I have been thinking a lot about my little brother Garrett, and how much I love him and feel so blessed to have him in my life! He is such an amazing little guy, he is hilarious he will do anything to make you laugh and he comes up with some pretty random things that are so funny! The other day we were at the mall buying him some new shoes and just randomly decided to do the robot for a few minutes, he just makes me laugh! He is so smart, he knows things that I don't even know, and he talks like an adult how he will say things just so maturely. He knows so much about sharks, that is something I just love about him is his love for sharks, he has been obsessed with them since he was tiny it's fun to see something stick for so long! He is my best buddy, we do a lot together and we always have so much fun doing it all! He is the most considerate 9 year old that I know, he thinks of things for everyone, he wants to make everyone happy! I love hearing him talk about his future and the amazing things that he wants to do, he has his life all planned out go on a mission to Australia, go to college and become an Shark researcher, and play basketball for the Jazz! It is so cute to hear him talk about the things he wants to do, he has such an amazing imagination! I hope that he follows through on all of those things, but the Jazz might be hard to get into! ha ha. I love this little guy! Since I have been prego he has been so sweet to me about having a little girl. He keeps telling me how he is going to protect her, and watch over her, and how she can even be in the Shark Club now that is a big deal! And I love how he is always kissing my belly!People will ask me why I love him so much and I have a million reasons of why! But one thing that has really made me appreciate him and not want to take one minute for granted was loosing my little brother Joshy. It made me realize to never take anyone for granted! And with Gar that is exactly how I want it to be I try to make every time I see him really count. I want him to know how much I love and adore him, and that when I have Brooklyn our friendship WON"T change, he is life, I really do love this boy more than anyone knows! I feel so honored to be his sister, and his friend!! I love you Gar with all my heart!!! I know this is like a novel, I could make it longer but I won't ha ha

Friday, July 2, 2010


My parents are truly amazing, I feel so blessed to be their daughter! I was just thinking about this the other day, of how much the sacrificed for us kids our whole growing up. They are constantly doing something for someone else, if it's just taking us out for yogurt or helping us in a time of need, they are always there! I always know if I need someone to talk to or someone to help me with something they are always willing. I don't think I thank them enough for all that they do for me. I want them both to know how much I love them. They both mean the world to me! Last year when Dad had his heart attack it really made me think of how much I love him and my mom and how life wouldn't mean anything to me without them. My mom is so amazing, she is always worrying about everyone and what they need and how they are doing. All the time she calls me just to say hi and see how I am
doing. Little things like that mean so much! She is always doing something for me too, she came home from Cali with three different gifts for Brooklyn! And it really almost made me cry I am so blessed! She is so funny to just making jokes and making all of us laugh. She is good at making everyone feel welcome, everywhere she goes she makes a friend! It makes me laugh people that work at the grocery store and mall know her by name, that is impressive, people are just naturally drawn to her! My Dad, is such an incredible he comes off as quiet and intimidating when actually he is one of the funniest and sweetest people that I know. He is so good to all of us kids, so willing to help us with different things!He comes up with the funniest things that he will do, like deck surfing that is the best thing if you want a good laugh you need to see deck surfing! Always planning something that the family can do together, which I love getting together with the whole family! He is so giving if there is anyone in need Dad is there to help fix the problem, I look up to that so much about him, he is always helping someone out! These two people are so special to me, they have taught me so much through the years, one thing that is very important to them is Family! They have taught us so much about staying close to our siblings and them, family is the top priority to them! We get together for every holiday, which some people might be a bit much but we love it, it is so fun to do so much together! I love you both so much and I really am so grateful for all that you do for us, we really are so blessed to have the both of you!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love presents!!!

So last night Jared's parents came over to say hi and see Brooklyn's room! I opened the door and Kent (Jar's Dad) was holding this huge present!! They told me it is a gift for my first Mother's Day! I opened it I couldn't believe what it was, it was a Kitchen Aid, and not just any Kitchen Aid it was a YELLOW one!!! YAY, I am so excited to use it, it looks so adorable in my yellow kitchen!! Thanks Danette and Kent so much, I am so in love with it and can't wait to use it!! This weekend I guess I am making cookies or something ha ha!! I am so excited!! Thanks so much again I love you guys!! Here is my beautiful present!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


So I am 34 weeks now, I can't believe it feels like this is going by so fast! I have really enjoyed pregnancy so far, I think it is so amazing! Feeling her move inside me is the best feeling in the world, and she is getting more and more active. But I am starting to feel a bit large and really hot!! The heat is killing me but I love warm weather so I won't complain too much. Brooklyn's room is about done, it is adorable it is Hawaiian we absolutely love it!! It is so bright and so happy, every time I walk in there I get so happy and can't wait until she is here!! Thanks to my Mom I am so lucky to have such nice bedding in her room and thanks to Jared's Mom for the crib! We feel so blessed to have had help from both of our families!! Without them her room wouldn't be nearly as cute!! Jared is getting so excited, he is going to be such a good Dad to her, I have never seen him so excited about anything I love it! The countdown is on now, so I am getting really nervous and super excited!! Here are some pics of my prego belly!!

Jared thinks it funny to park here! I am 30 weeks here.

Here I am 33 weeks!

Monday, May 10, 2010

California Vacation!!

Our "Hotel" , The Castaways Yummy Ruby's

Eating our wedding cake

So for our one year anniversary we wanted to do something fun, and special so, Jared planned a trip to my favorite state CALIFORNIA!! We left on tuesday after work and drove to St. George and stayed the night, then got up at 6 a.m. to drive the rest of the way to Cali! Once we got to Cali on wednesday, we went to my favorite restaurant Ruby's Diner, the best place!! Then we went to the beach went into some shops and then went back to our "Hotel" which was actually my parents boat! They let us use it for the week, thanks mom and dad it was a blast to stay on it! Then the next day was our Anniversary so Jared took me to my favorite place, to the Happiest place on Earth.... Disneyland!! Oh I love that place it makes me so happy to go there, I turn into a child again!! That was a blast I had never been there without my family so it was a little strange at first. But we had a blast going! I couldn't go on Indiana Jones, which was a little sad for me, but I got to go on my favorite ride Peter Pan so I was as happy as a clam! That night we just went to dinner then back to the boat and ate our wedding cake, it still tasted sooo good! On Friday we rode bikes up to Ruby's again this time for breakfast, oh soo yummy!! And then just hung out for a little while then went to Iron Man 2 that was way fun!! But matinee movie tickets were $9.50, we couldn't believe it! But it was still fun!! And for dinner we went to The Cheesecake Factory, yummy! We went to the pool and just relaxed, I didn't swim for long the water was too cold for me. Then on saturday we rode our bikes to the beach, Jared had his first experience of Boogie Boarding I couldn't because of my large belly ha ha. He loved it though and was pretty good too! Then we rode down the board walk, that was so much fun!! But we both got so sun burnt we forgot sunscreen oops!! But it was so fun I love riding bikes it is so much fun to me!! Then we went to dinner at El Ranchito, and sadly watched the Jazz lose! That was sad! We had so much fun together on this trip, it was so fun to just get away just the two of us!! It was a great 1st Anniversary!!
27 Weeks along

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

One year ago on May 6th, I married my best friend! It was the most amazing day, I felt like a Princess. I was so excited for the new chapter in my life to start! Now a year later, I can't believe that it has already been a year it has literally gone by way too fast! I have absolutely loved being married and being a wife.I love being there for him when he needs me, making him dinner! He has been so sweet about everything I cook, even if I know it wasn't that tasty he carries on forever! It has been so much fun to have my best friend by my side all the time! So much has happened this past year, we bought our first home together and found out that were going to have a baby girl! We have had our tough times that it for sure but at the end of the day we just love each other. We are constantly laughing together, I love it, I can totally be myself around him! We truly are best friends, this past year has made us so strong as a couple. Jared is such an amazing person, I knew that before I married him. But being around him all the time he really is and incredible man, I feel so honored to be his wife! He treats me like a princess really he does, I'm not lying. Ha ha. He does so much for me, I know that he is always there for me whenever I need him, and no matter what it may be that I need. It will be in the middle of the night and I will make the slightest noise and he wakes up asks me what is up and he tries to fix it, like rub my feet, my back and many other things. I feel so spoiled with him. He makes me feel so special and beautiful, not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me he loves me and how beautiful I am. As small as something like that is, it's means the world to me. And seeing him get ready for our little girl is the best thing ever, I have never seen anyone so excited about having a baby! He can't wait to finally meet her, He is already spoiling her too, most of the clothes that she has are from him, he just can't wait, and he keeps saying how he hopes that she looks just like me. And that means the world to me! I just want him to know how much I love him and how grateful that I am to have him in my life! I can't imagine my life without him, it wouldn't be a very good life. He makes me so happy! He is an amazing husband! I love you Jared, we made it one year ha ha good job to us!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My latest craft!

This is my new craft I just finished. On saturday all of my sisters, mom and me decided to do crafts. We all did something different which doesn't usually happen, we usually all do the same thing just differently. So this time I was a little nervous because I had no one to kinda copy ha ha. But it turned out cute and so bright I love it!! I don't want to put it on my door yet because of this terrible weather so it's in my kitchen! It looks so cute, thanks to help from my mom!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Here I am at 17 weeks

I can't believe that I am already 22 weeks along it is so crazy and it's just flying by. She is kicking me like crazy and I love it, I love to feel her move around it is the best feeling every time she moves I can't stop smiling! I just love it! I am finally looking prego which is fun I love it, my old clothes are sure tight which is slightly depressing but I am fine with it cause I am enjoying being pregnant! This has been such a fun experience for Jared and I, he is so sweet to me and sooo happy about our little girl! He takes me shopping for her and he loves it, it's so fun to see him so excited for her I know that he is going to be such an amazing Dad! He has been so sweet to me, even though he already was but he rubs me and gets me anything I need or want, he is the best Hubby I am so blessed to have him! This month we are going to start on her room yay!! I am getting so excited but also so nervous to have her, I just hope that I know what I am doing, I do know that I will love her like crazy! I just can't wait to be a mom! It has been so fun to see Whitney with little Tripp, she is such a good mom I hope I am as calm and put together as she is! And being around her baby just gets me even more excited to have my own!!

Here I am at 22 weeks, finally looking prego!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

IT"S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her cute foot
Here is her angry face haha we joked she was mad, she didn't want to be bugged haha

YAY!!! We are so excited and thrilled about a little girl! On February 9th Jared, My mom, Whit and Jared's mom and I went to Fetal Fotos to find out what our little baby is!!! Jared thought it was a girl all along, and I thought it was a boy. The baby was moving all around and was not wanting us to see what it was it took kinda a while because she didn't want to cooperate, but finally we got the view and saw it was a little girl!! I started to cry immediately I couldn't believe it Jared teared up a little too!! It was so special to share that moment with him and some of my family!! We are so grateful to have been blessed with this little girl, we feel so lucky!! We were so nervous it would take us a long time to get pregnant, but we were one of the lucky ones and it was fast! It has been such a blessing! And to be pregnant with both of my sisters is so amazing to be able to share all of this with one another!!! I am sooo Happy!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Valentine's Craft

This is my Valentine's craft I made this year! All us girls in my fam get together about once a month and make a craft for the upcoming holiday, it is way fun! I made this I think it ended up so cute, thanks to whit's help I messed it up and she fixed it for me! I just love it, I love doing crafts it is so much fun, it's fun being with all the girls too and seeing how everyone's turns out!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our House

I got my Yellow Kitchen!!
This is our living room

In October Jared and Me got our first house, well townhouse. It is so fun to have a place of our own, we feel so blessed to be able to have a house at our ages it couldn't have happened without the help and advice from both of our parents! I will tell you a little about our house, it has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms! And a cute little back yard that we are so excited to get looking all nice this summer! It's in draper we love it here so much it's so pretty and so quiet and it's way fun cause two of my siblings bought homes just up the street from us!! So there are a couple pictures of our house, they aren't the best pictures. But we love our house and can't wait to have our little baby, and start a family in this house!

This is us in front of our first Christmas tree! I know it's a little late to put this one up.

Our Baby

Jared and I are very happy to announce that we are having a baby!! I am 12 weeks along and so excited, I am due July 25 th! We can't wait it is going to be so much fun! Jared can't wait to be a Daddy, he talks about it constantly, what were going to do and how were going to decorate the room, it is so fun to see him so excited for this baby! Here is a picture of my last ultrasound, it actually looks like a little human now not a peanut! It is so small I can't believe it!