Thursday, February 11, 2010

IT"S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her cute foot
Here is her angry face haha we joked she was mad, she didn't want to be bugged haha

YAY!!! We are so excited and thrilled about a little girl! On February 9th Jared, My mom, Whit and Jared's mom and I went to Fetal Fotos to find out what our little baby is!!! Jared thought it was a girl all along, and I thought it was a boy. The baby was moving all around and was not wanting us to see what it was it took kinda a while because she didn't want to cooperate, but finally we got the view and saw it was a little girl!! I started to cry immediately I couldn't believe it Jared teared up a little too!! It was so special to share that moment with him and some of my family!! We are so grateful to have been blessed with this little girl, we feel so lucky!! We were so nervous it would take us a long time to get pregnant, but we were one of the lucky ones and it was fast! It has been such a blessing! And to be pregnant with both of my sisters is so amazing to be able to share all of this with one another!!! I am sooo Happy!!