Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love presents!!!

So last night Jared's parents came over to say hi and see Brooklyn's room! I opened the door and Kent (Jar's Dad) was holding this huge present!! They told me it is a gift for my first Mother's Day! I opened it I couldn't believe what it was, it was a Kitchen Aid, and not just any Kitchen Aid it was a YELLOW one!!! YAY, I am so excited to use it, it looks so adorable in my yellow kitchen!! Thanks Danette and Kent so much, I am so in love with it and can't wait to use it!! This weekend I guess I am making cookies or something ha ha!! I am so excited!! Thanks so much again I love you guys!! Here is my beautiful present!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


So I am 34 weeks now, I can't believe it feels like this is going by so fast! I have really enjoyed pregnancy so far, I think it is so amazing! Feeling her move inside me is the best feeling in the world, and she is getting more and more active. But I am starting to feel a bit large and really hot!! The heat is killing me but I love warm weather so I won't complain too much. Brooklyn's room is about done, it is adorable it is Hawaiian we absolutely love it!! It is so bright and so happy, every time I walk in there I get so happy and can't wait until she is here!! Thanks to my Mom I am so lucky to have such nice bedding in her room and thanks to Jared's Mom for the crib! We feel so blessed to have had help from both of our families!! Without them her room wouldn't be nearly as cute!! Jared is getting so excited, he is going to be such a good Dad to her, I have never seen him so excited about anything I love it! The countdown is on now, so I am getting really nervous and super excited!! Here are some pics of my prego belly!!

Jared thinks it funny to park here! I am 30 weeks here.

Here I am 33 weeks!