Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Wow last year went by soo fast, I can't believe it! Last year was so eventful for me and my family! Last February Tripp was born, and now he is so big and almost a year old. He is the funniest little kid! And in May Cal was born and he is growing like a weed and the most relaxed baby ever he is so funny how easy going he is!! Jared and I had our first anniversary and went on a trip to California, so much fun!! I love vacations with him they are so much fun! We loved it and hope we can take another trip soon! Jared got promoted to be a banker, at Wells Fargo. He loves it so much, and he is very good at his job!! I am so proud of him, he is such a hard worker, he will do anything to support us! I love him! Then August 2nd came and our sweet baby girl Brooke was born, it was one of the most amazing days! And now she is already 5 months! Holy cow has it gone by so fast! She is rolling all over the place, starting to sit up, laughing, and doing her baby talk constantly! It is the funniest thing the way she talks, we love it! She has been such a blessing to my life, she has made me realize what is really important in life. She is so much fun, even though she can't really talk she is my little buddy! We do everything together and I love having her with me everywhere I go! In october she went on her first trip to Disneyland with us and my parents and of course uncle Gar! It was a blast!!Her favorite ride was Monsters Inc. oh it was so much fun!!She has the cutest personality, just happy, a bit dramatic and she knows what she wants! We say she is going to be a bit of a drama queen. I love my little family so much it has been so much fun being married & having our sweet baby girl. I am so grateful for all that I have, for my parents and for all that they do for us, they are so good to us!! I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for them! For my siblings and there friendship and love they show toward us. For Garrett who is the
most amazing little boy that you will ever meet!! I love him with all my heart! He is so cute with Brooke he just adores her, and it means so much to us!! I had a great year with happy times and trials, they all made us stronger and as a couple and as a family! I am excited for this new year and what is it going to bring!!!