Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello again...

Hello again, I am so bad at posting on here. But life has been good!!
The holiday's were really fun Ty and Sar were in Utah for the month of December, it was so much fun having them back!! All of the babies love Ty, when he was around he was the only person they wanted. He could cheer them all up make them laugh and just did silly things with them.They moved to New Mexico after the new year, it is hard having them gone, I miss them soo much!! Whitney and Sarah are both expecting little boys this June!! So fun I am so excited for both of them!! I can't believe how many nephews I have we need another girl, Brooke is all alone! But I don't think she minds it, she loves those boys!!
Brookey is getting so big, she is talking so much and is very independent. She is very sassy, oh boy does she have some spunk to her!! I absolutely loveit though, it is so cute!! I love being home with her we really have so much fun together! She is so smart too, it amazes me, she knows just what she wants and will figure out a way to get it. I am pretty much in love with her if you can't tell. She likes to dress up now and wear jewelry it is so cute she will walk around with necklaces on and bracelets, and rings. She likes to color, mostly on the walls or her table, I guess coloring books are boring ha ha. She loves shoes, she loves to put mine on and sometimes even Jared's shoes, She is such a girly girl and I love it!! Sowe got a dog for about 5 minutes. Ihad been wanting a dog for her and was looking and found a Beagle mix on a website, so we went to look at her and came home with her, her name was Zoe. She was so adorable and just loved Brooke, she would follow her around every where it was so cute! But 5 days later we had to get rid of her because of Jared's allergies, I was so sad, I cried for two days, I am such a baby. And the worst part is the that Brooke still goes to the back door and nocks on the glass and calls for Zoe, it is getting less and less which I am thankful for because I would cry every time she said her name. So Jared's parents are going on a mission to Lubick,Texas they leave February 20th. We are sad to see them leave but excited for them at the same time. It is going to be really hard though, Brooke not seeing them, if I think about it too much I cry. The closer it gets the harder it is getting for me. I really am going to miss them, Holidays will be really weird without them around. We love them and are so proud and excited for them!! They will be great missionaries, the people of Texas are very lucky!! We love you guys!! Here are a few pictures!! I got a little picture happy!!