Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Lately I have been thinking a lot about my little brother Garrett, and how much I love him and feel so blessed to have him in my life! He is such an amazing little guy, he is hilarious he will do anything to make you laugh and he comes up with some pretty random things that are so funny! The other day we were at the mall buying him some new shoes and just randomly decided to do the robot for a few minutes, he just makes me laugh! He is so smart, he knows things that I don't even know, and he talks like an adult how he will say things just so maturely. He knows so much about sharks, that is something I just love about him is his love for sharks, he has been obsessed with them since he was tiny it's fun to see something stick for so long! He is my best buddy, we do a lot together and we always have so much fun doing it all! He is the most considerate 9 year old that I know, he thinks of things for everyone, he wants to make everyone happy! I love hearing him talk about his future and the amazing things that he wants to do, he has his life all planned out go on a mission to Australia, go to college and become an Shark researcher, and play basketball for the Jazz! It is so cute to hear him talk about the things he wants to do, he has such an amazing imagination! I hope that he follows through on all of those things, but the Jazz might be hard to get into! ha ha. I love this little guy! Since I have been prego he has been so sweet to me about having a little girl. He keeps telling me how he is going to protect her, and watch over her, and how she can even be in the Shark Club now that is a big deal! And I love how he is always kissing my belly!People will ask me why I love him so much and I have a million reasons of why! But one thing that has really made me appreciate him and not want to take one minute for granted was loosing my little brother Joshy. It made me realize to never take anyone for granted! And with Gar that is exactly how I want it to be I try to make every time I see him really count. I want him to know how much I love and adore him, and that when I have Brooklyn our friendship WON"T change, he is life, I really do love this boy more than anyone knows! I feel so honored to be his sister, and his friend!! I love you Gar with all my heart!!! I know this is like a novel, I could make it longer but I won't ha ha

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