Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Brookey Sue

So Brooke is already 7 months I cannot believe it! It goes by so fast, you always hear people say it goes by fast so enjoy it. Well I didn't know it would go this fast!! Oh it is so sad but so good! She is just growing like a weed! She is 17 pounds & 28 in. long, so she is in her 98% for her length, and is 76% for weight so she is moving right along. It makes you feel so good to know that she is doing well, I question myself all the time if I am doing everything right and to know that she is growing makes me feel great!! So about three weeks ago she got her first 2 teeth, started to crawl and sitting up! I can't believe it, and it all happened around the same time! My parents and Gar, just took Whitney, Tripp, Brooke and I to California for a week and that is when all these things happened I think she was watching Tripp get around and got jealous so she decided I better start figuring out how to move! ha ha She is starting to get into drawers, and under neath furniture. The other day we had to lower her mattress in her crib cause I walked in and she was standing holding onto the side bouncing. I didn't think that would happen this early. She has discovered her toes, which I think is adorable. She loves to eat them and pull of her socks! We pierced her ears a few days ago, she looks adorable with them. I know that's not every body's cup of tea but we just love it and are so glad that we did it now! She is eating a lot more food now she loves oranges, strawberries, spaghetti, potatoes and anything chocolate, she is most definitely my daughter. Oreo shakes are her favorite!!I have just realized I need to enjoy every single moment of every day cause not to long from now she will be walking then talking and then who knows. It goes by so fast, Brooke has taught me to enjoy every day even if it means we stay at home all day in our pj's and look like bums! It is those days I enjoy so much! She is amazing I feel so honored to be her mom and to get to watch her grow! I love her so much!! Life goes by in the blink of an eye! Enjoy it!

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